Before   The Room London

These photographic works examine the architecture of public space, making visible modes of habitation and suggesting ways in which the viewer might be implicated within the space of the work.

‘The images are uninhabited: the corner of a room where a pilaster with its skirting board meet the floor, part of a chair, part of a cabinet and the wall behind them; the scrolled arm of a chaise- longue. Here details are strangely enhanced, made noticeable: blemishes on the nap of some upholstery, sockets, marks- all these act as a sort of punctuation, clarifying the syntax of each image. The result is that these images can intensify the life of objects and spaces simply by the act of description, within its own transformational terms. Still, there is something disconcerting about these uneasily cropped images, for nothing is complete, and trees and potted palms occasionally impinge on resonant voices that would otherwise hold discourse only with their own gleaming or darkening planes. In the absence of anything physically there in terms of human actuality, we invest the beaded string of a blind with the suggestive quality of a necklace.’ text by Anthony Howell

Exhibition organized by Anthony Howell

Before 9 June – 22 July 2007 The Room London

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